Athens is
at it again

Don’t let it happen to
Thousand Oaks!

Athens Services has a well-documented history of submitting low bids and then securing rate increases after winning exclusive franchise agreements on the backs of those low bids.

Cities faced with high rate increases after hiring Athens Services include:

Athens is at it Again - Money Trash

Don’t let Athens do it again, this time to OUR TOWN - Thousand Oaks!

Athens’ proposed residential rate has already increased 12% in the five-month period from when Athens submitted their bid to the City until the time the City approved their contract . . . This does not bode well for future rate stability for the citizens of Thousand Oaks.

What happens if Athens doesn’t get the money it demands?

On an emergency contract, Athens demanded that the City of Maywood pay it over half a million dollars by the following day or it would immediately cease service.
Athens is at it Again - Trash Pile

Don’t let Thousand Oaks get buried under Athens’ high rates.